The Sensational Six #128

Ayumi wondered if she would ever feel anything ever again. She wanted to feel the pain of her head injury. She wanted to feel the agony of breathing, the pain lancing through her chest from her battered ribs. She wanted to feel the dull ache of the bruises that covered the rest of her body. Instead she could but lay there, drugs coursing through her veins, doctors swimming in and out of focus around her. Countless hours, several days of no one looking at her, no one talking with her. Except Penny. Her girlfriend always came in and squeezed her hand and told her about what was happening and watched TV with her. The problem was that she could not answer back. She had no power, no feeling. She wondered if she was even in her body, it did not respond the way she knew it was supposed to, the way it had her entire life. Maybe it was just the drugs, so much medicine in her system, fed all day long through those needles in her arms. She would have more bruises from those, too.

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The Sensational Six #127

Taro pushed himself up from the ground. For a moment, it seemed like everything was fine, he was laughing with Kyousuke, they were filing out of the gym and then he thought he would be able to find Kari. The last thing he remembered was bouncing face-first off the wall. Now he could taste the blood in his mouth and no breath was passing through his nose.

Probably broken, my mom is going to be so unhappy…

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The Sensational Six #126

“I don’t know how you two can watch that stuff, it gives me such a headache,” Dan-O said. Kari leaned between him and Momo to see what the exchange student and Taro were enjoying.

“There are subtitles, you can just read the subtitles,” Taro said.

“I have no problem doing just that if it’s something like Russian or Greek, you know, something that sounds way different from English and Japanese, but Korean is like an uncanny language, it’s like it sounds like I SHOULD understand it, but then when I pay attention is breaks down into this weird babbling and it makes me mad at God for that whole Tower of Babel thing.”

“Tower of Babel?” Momo frowned when she looked up from her mobile device.

“Yeah, it was—“

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The Sensational Six #125

Momo had practiced saying the word “Hamburger” a lot in the time she had been in Port Matthew. As she woke up on a sunny Monday morning at the end of March a year and two days since her arrival at Marv’s—that is, the Parkers’ house, she sat up and went to her desk and looked in the mirror.

“Hamburger. World. Parallel. Rural. Squirrel. Athlete. ELection.” She did her best to stress the “L” sound in “election,” having been laughed at in a civics class the previous October. “Birthday.” That one was her goal: to shout “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” with a voice bigger than all her friends combined at each of their birthdays. She went 4-for-6, messing up Erisa’s in September and being too shocked at Dan-O’s at her own party before Christmas. “Clothes. Months. Hierarchy. Jewelry. Law. Library. Liver. River. Regularly. Third. Sixth. Entrepreneur. Mirror, not mummy.” She always smiled at that part. “Violin. Violence. Work. Walk. Sit, not shit.” Another smile. “Miscellaneous. Simultaneous. Slow. Throw.”

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The Sensational Six #124

Marley sat on the sofa in her living room playing with her mobile device. She was freshly showered and dressed in brand new clothes and ready for a night on the town, but instead she invited Tory over. She wondered about how much her head injury had changed her. Her doctors had said there was no brain damage, but she found herself making decisions she never would have before. Like inviting Tory to her home, to her mismatched pieces of fine furniture and the TV she rarely watched.

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The Artanian #12

We made Gabreneux shave his beard. Before we could leave the next morning (early, before dawn as had become our habit any time we visited anywhere on our journey south), a frantic friend of Starion’s showed up at his door with a warning about a manhunt. Someone (us, I suppose) murdered several of Senator Petorus’ guards and at least three of his youthful male attendants and kidnapped Senator Agrippa. Well, that would be easy enough to refute, we could just show up somewhere public with Agrippa and give light to the big lie. I knew Petorus could not be that dumb, however. In his place, I would insinuate Agrippa as a participant, if not the man who orchestrated the whole thing. Who better than a senator to put together such a plot?

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The Sensational Six #123

Penny wondered when her run of good luck was going to run out. She had spent WinterFest in her girlfriend’s arms, smiling at Ayumi and dancing with her. They danced with Taro and Kari, and Momo and Dan-O, and there were several weird moments where Penny turned from Kari and Taro to find Erisa and Ayumi together. Nothing came from it after an exchange of frowns between the two girls, and then Penny was back in front of Ayumi in time for a slow song.

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The Sensational Six #122

Erisa threw herself through her morning workouts with her teammates. Penny was still there, of course, but now she was with Ayumi. And Ayumi made no attempt to hide the glares she fired at Erisa. So Erisa pushed herself and ended up shaking at the end of each workout, her muscles crying out for more as she staggered into the showers to prepare to face the school day. She closed her eyes under the spray of water and imagined herself triumphing over the cheer girl. She would lead her team to the PM championship and then parade the trophy around the school in front of everyone, especially in front of Ayumi and Penny.

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